Discover Lunac, an authentic village which will surprise you with its rich heritage. Located very close to Najac, Lunac will be a perfect stopover to enjoy the wide open spaces of Aveyron, between the Ségala hills, gorges and valleys.

What to see in Lunac in Aveyron?

  • Its 12th century church, classified as a Historic Monument
  • Its unusual novel modillions
  • Its castle overlooking the Ségala hills
  • Its authentic village heart

Explore the town

Depuis la place et son ancienne Loge où se réunissaient seigneurs et prieur, jusqu’au jardin de l’Eglise, prenez le temps de découvrir le bourg de Lunac.

Enter the Saint Jean-Baptiste Church

Soak up the simplicity of this sacred place, witness to the culture and heritage of the village of Lunac. The building, classified as a Historic Monument since 1937, is full of treasures, set off to discover them…


Open your eyes!

From the church garden, raise your head and admire the modillions of the Romanesque apse.

Around Lunac

Najac, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France

Nestled in the heart of the wild gorges of Aveyron, Najac stands majestically, like a sentinel of time. Its long main street winds between stone and half-timbered houses. Perched on a rocky outcrop, the village offers breathtaking views of the meanders of the Aveyron. Her medieval fortress, imposing and proud, dominates the landscape, recalling the time when Najac was a flourishing city.

The Viaur valley

In the town of Bor-et-Bar, between green valleys and steep hillsides, the Viaur meanders gracefully, offering breathtaking landscapes at every turn. And perched at the top of this natural scene, like a stone guardian, stands the Rock of Gorb. Its imposing silhouette, sometimes a refuge for peregrine falcons, now offers a grandiose spectacle to courageous visitors who dare to climb its slopes. A perfect site to get started climbing and via via ferrata with family !

The royal bastide of Villefranche de Rouergue

Villefranche is certainly worth a visit, and everyone will find a reason to suit their desires! Passionate about History? Dive into the past of this country house, erected in 1252 by Alphonse de Poitiers, brother of Saint Louis and Count of Toulouse. The city's remarkable architecture invites you on a real journey through time, from its arcades to sumptuous mansions. For contemplative minds, the streets offer a changing setting between light and shadow, conducive to strolling. Foodies, for their part, will be delighted by the Brive market lively, full of local delights, in a warm, typically Occitan atmosphere.

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