Explore the Chartreuse Saint-Sauveur, stroll through its cloister which is one of the largest in France and immerse yourself in the daily life of the Carthusian monks and lay brothers of yesteryear.

Jerome Morel
Stone lace in the small cloister of the Chartreuse Saint-Sauveur

A rare heritage

Built thanks to the bequest of a wealthy draper merchant from Villefranche-de-Rouergue, the monastery presents a precious heritage. During your visit, admire:

  • Mediafixer carved wooden church stalls small characters.
  • Mediafixer stained glass colors of the vestibule and the chapter house.
  • La stone lace tracery of small cloister.
  • The play of shadow and light in the galleries of the large cloister.
  • La reading pulpit of the refectory, built entirely within the thickness of the wall.
  • La tabula, an astonishing XNUMXth century painted wooden panel that served as a timetable for the monks.
J. Morel

The Great Cloister of the Chartreuse

This cloister is one of the largest in France, it served the twelve hermitages in which the monks lived.

An immersion in the life of the Carthusian Fathers

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the Carthusian Fathers and imagine this way of life, around very strict rules that combine loneliness and silence.

Completely cut off from the world, the fathers and brothers devoted themselves to prayer and study. The singularity of their existence, which some still lead today, questions both specialists and simple observers.

Stroll through the church, the vestibule, the chapter house, the small cloister, the refectory, the old kitchens and the large cloister and soak up the spirituality that fills the site.

Night visit of the Chartreuse Saint Sauveur

Visit the monastery of the Chartreuse Saint-Sauveur

Solo, couple or family, choose your mode of visit! Audio guide, treasure hunt, guided tour during the day or at night, several possibilities are available to you...

Pricing Min. Max.
Individual adult free visit
5.5 € 7 €
Individual child free visit
5.5 € -
Individual adult guided tour – Classic guided tour
5.5 € 9 €
Individual child guided tour – Classic guided tour
5.5 € -
Individual adult guided tour – Night guided tour
5.5 € 9.5 €
Individual child guided tour – Night guided tour
5.5 € -
Individual adult guided tour – Sensory guided tour
9 € -

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