Forest, Hiking

Le petit tour de Mergieux, circuit n°7 – Najac

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Forest, Hiking


Hike accessible to all around the hamlet of Mergieux. Be careful though, some passages have a significant drop. This circuit does not start from Najac, it is accessible by car or via circuits n°6 and 8 from Najac.

A good part of the circuit is done in the forest. Alongside deciduous trees (e.g. hornbeams, chestnuts, ash trees, etc.) which constituted the forest cover until the beginning of the 20th century, certain conifers were planted for logging. The forests around the Mergieux holiday village are exploited by the ONF.
Easy-to-use – 02:00
Duration00hElevation-223 D- ​​/ 223 D+Distance6,0 kmMax Altitude327m
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