Learn about Villeneuve, a medieval city in western Aveyron. Follow our tour guides to discover a remarkable architectural heritage in the middle of the landscapes of the Causse.

You don't yet know Villeneuve, a medieval city that sits proudly in the middle of Causse landscapes ? So it's time to meet it, but also to discover one of its lesser known and yet remarkable treasures, the pre-Romanesque church of Toulongergues.

The Storytellers

Villeneuve, Sauveté and Bastide

Immerse yourself in the heart of a medieval city located on the Ways of Santiago de Compostela in the company of one of our tour guides! Villeneuve is a charming town with two faces, a labyrinthine salvage and a gridded bastide. Stroll through its alleys in the hope of discovering all its treasures. Enter the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and marvel at the mural paintings (XNUMXth century) in delicate colors and inspired by the theme of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Pre-Romanesque Church of Tolongergues

Enter one of the most surprising heritage sites in Rouergue. The Church of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul in Tolongergues will allow you to follow in the footsteps of our Visigoth ancestors. Endowed with a singular architectural structure, it shelters millennial polychrome frescoes (XI century). A few minutes from the village.

Group rates

  • Villeneuve, rescued and bastide (1h30 visit): €5,50 per person
  • Pre-Romanesque church of Toulongergues (1 hour visit): €5,50 per person
  • Villeneuve and Church of Toulongergues (2h45 visit): 8.50€ per person*

These prices apply for a group of at least 20 people for a weekday visit. For prices on Sundays and public holidays, contact us.

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*This preferential rate is valid when visits are made one after the other without interruption.

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