Learn about Villefranche de Rouergue, a medieval town in western Aveyron. Follow our tour guides to discover a remarkable architectural heritage.

Stroll through the streets, discover the particular houses of the bastide, feel the presence of Carthusian monks and black penitents in the heart of this medieval city...

Jerome Morel

The bastide – old center

This tour takes you to heart of the bastide founded in 1252 by Alphonse de Poitiers, brother of King St Louis.You will discover the Consuls bridge, monolith fountain, medieval alleys and houses of wealthy merchants, the Place Notre Dame and its cutlery as well as the collegiate, its astonishing misericords and its powerful bell-tower-porch.

Jerome Morel

The monastery of the Charterhouse of Saint-Sauveur

Built at the gates of the city from 1452, the monastery of the Chartreuse Saint-Sauveur, is a gothic masterpiece flamboyant. During the visit, you will dive into the world of Carthusian monks and discover the great cloister, one of the largest in France, the richly sculpted little cloister, the convent chapel and its historiated stalls, the stained glass windows in the vestibule and the chapter house...

Jerome Morel

The Chapel of the Black Penitents

The exterior of the chapel of the Pénitents Noirs, erected in the XNUMXth century, is of great simplicity which contrasts with the profusion of its interior decoration! This baroque chapel kept a painted wooden arch of very bright colors, in a naive style, which refers to the cult of the Cross and houses an impressive altarpiece of gilded wood which depicts the Passion of Christ.

Group rates

  • Bastide or Chartreuse or Penitents (45 min to 1 hour visit): €5
  • Bastide & Penitents (2h15 visit): €7.50
  • Charterhouse & Penitents (2 hour visit): €7.50
  • Bastide & Chartreuse (2h30 visit): €7.50
  • Bastide & Chartreuse & Penitents (3h30 visit): €10.50

These prices are quoted net on the basis of a minimum of 20 people, visit during the week.

For prices on Sundays and public holidays, contact us.

Freebies applied:

  • 1 free for 20 paying
  • 1 additional free for 40 paying

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