Contact the tourist office to organize your group visits. From Villeneuve to Najac, via Villefranche, discover our heritage accompanied by a tour guide.

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Our team, made up of experienced professionals, is at your disposal to facilitate your work. Tips, tricks... enough to help you prepare for your group outing!

For a guided group tour, we offer several sites:

  • The fortified town of Villefranche de Rouergue
  • The Chapel of the Black Penitents
  • The Charterhouse of Saint-Sauveur
  • The village of Najac
  • The bastide and the safety of Villeneuve
  • The pre-Romanesque church of Toulongergues

Visit Villefranche de Rouergue as a group

Stroll through the streets, discover the particular houses of the Royal Bastide, feel the presence of Carthusian monks and black penitents in the heart of this medieval city... We all have a good reason to visit Villefranche!

  • The Bastide (old center and Notre-Dame Collegiate Church)
  • Baroque Chapel of the Black Penitents
  • Monastery of the Chartreuse Saint Sauveur

Visit exceptional historical monuments

Visit Najac as a group

Do you want to unlock the secrets of medieval village from Najac? So, set off to discover the castral town and its suburbs, during a guided tour.

For around 1h30, accompanied by a conferral guide, you will go on a journey through time. From the Place du Faubourg, you will follow the only street that winds on the rocky ridge. From half-timbered houses perched on pink sandstone pillars to the imposing Saint-Jean Church, you will be immersed in the heart of the Middle Ages...

Immerse yourself in the beautiful stones of our villages of character

Villeneuve and the church of Tolongergues in a group

You don't yet know Villeneuve, a medieval city that sits proudly in the middle of Causse landscapes ? So it's time to meet it, but also to discover one of its lesser known and yet remarkable treasures, thepre-Romanesque church of Toulongergues.

  • Villeneuve, rescued and bastide
  • The Holy Sepulcher Church
  • Pre-Romanesque church of Tolongergues

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