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Oreilles en balade à Sanvensa – Balade sonore


Le bourg
12200 Sanvensa

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With headphones on, set off to explore Aveyron. Let yourself be guided by the stories told and experienced by the inhabitants of the village. An activity for everyone. Duration adaptable according to your availability, from 15 min to 1h30.

The route includes six stops with adult listening and child listening. At each listening point, a sign will indicate where to stop. The listening points are independent, you are free to choose the order and the number of listening. 

QR codes are present on the signage, flash them with your mobile phone and you will have direct access to the sound documents.

You can also download the sounds and the google map before your visit to the website.

And finally you can borrow an audio guide from the Bedel bakery in Sanvensa and take a leaflet with the map. Remember to book on 05 65 29 82 01.  

On the national road, stop at the bread oven and discover the history of the Bedel bakery, three generations have succeeded each other there. 

Then next to the Town Hall, you can't miss the Mai, this big blue, white, red mast. There you will hear the daily life of a rural town hall.

A few meters further, a well. The elders tell... when the bucket fell to the bottom and when you wanted to drink a very cold pastis... You will then return to the heart of the village with its castle and its church. You will take the time at the war memorial to listen to the school children during the November 11 ceremony. Then, by listening to the adult document, you will learn what aubades are.... 

Continue on your way, turn right, towards a small chapel... here we came to play as a child, as for Saint Roch and his dog... they are still there. 

For the last stop, get back in the car and go to the lake. A nice place to stop, picnic, stroll and listen to a story of the fight against the burial of nuclear waste. It was in the year 2000!

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Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2023
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