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Oreilles en balade à Sainte-Croix – Balade sonore


Marin et Cénac
12260 Ste-Croix

How do I get there?


With headphones on, set off to explore Aveyron. Let yourself be guided by the stories told and experienced by the inhabitants of the village.

An activity for everyone, alone or with the family. A child version, an adult version. Duration adaptable according to your availability, from 15 min to 2 hours.

The route includes six stops. At each listening point, a sign will indicate where to stop. The listening points are independent, you are free to choose the order and the numbers of listening.

QR codes are present on the signage, flash them with your mobile phone and you will have direct access to the sound documents. But be careful, some places are poorly served by Orange. If it's your operator, download the sound documents and the map before you come.

Another solution is to borrow an audioguide. Remember to book them at the bakery on 05 65 81 61 87.

Start your visit at Sainte Croix, in front of the church. The magic of sound will transport you up the tower and into a castle.

Then, walk a few meters to the right (when you are facing the church), and you will find the cobbled street. A crazy story of a Merovingian tomb under your feet will be told to you... the children will discover the different trades that were exercised in the past in this street but also that of today: the tattoo artist's trade!

Retrace your steps and face the town hall, approach the work of the farrier. Between adult and child listening, you will know everything... enough to fuel your conversation in your car which will take you to Cénac.

There, next to the church, the porch of Cénac also called the door of the English. The children will relive a great battle concocted by the students of the school.

Finally, go to Marin, you will discover the stuffed chicken recipe that Coluche loved and the children will learn all the ingredients to add.

Note that there are 12 walks like this in the surrounding towns.

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  • Bastide
  • Ruins and remains
  • Popular arts and traditions
  • History

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Opening hours from January 01 to December 31, 2024
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  • Service - Totally outdoors

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