Follow the Druid! Michaël takes you on the paths of the causse to make you discover nature: medicinal plants, to cook or to make household products...

This young thirty-something, field botanist, professional wild gatherer and herbalist has a unique taste for plants.
Go for a walk with him on the paths and trails of the Bastides and Gorges of Aveyron and discover the 1001 secrets that nature has in store for us!
Michaël also cultivates a multitude of edible flowers and aromatic plants: caviar lemon, cosmos, poet's carnation, tagetes flower, hogweed... Find his products on the good tables of these audacious chefs, for some starred, all fond of original creations and exceptional products: Bruno Verjus (Table), Toshitaka Omiya (Alliance), Laura Pelou (Gram's), Clément Convard (Le Cénacle), Nicolas Thomas (La Flibuste)…
Nature will have no more secrets for you!

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