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environment, nature 08 July 26 August 2022

Guided tours on the circuit of dolmens

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12200 Martial

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12200 Martial

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The association for the preservation of the heritage of Martiel offers guided tours on the circuit of the dolmens (first part of the circuit): 2km approximately 1h30. In July and August, from Friday 8 July.

Meet at 10 a.m. in the parking lot of the dolmens.

On leaving Martiel, take the road to the dolmens towards Le Juge, Gouffre de Lantouy. Car park 3,6 km from this point

Guided tour by volunteers from the association, participation desired for the benefit of the association: €1 per person.

The association is likely to offer guided tours for groups outside the period mentioned.

These visits are scheduled on request only and for a minimum of 15 people.

In this case, 3 types of circuits are possible:

1.The circuit of dolmens,

2. A guided tour of the town of Martiel (the fort and its history, the church of Martiel) 1h 30 approximately.

3.Marroule-Fontaynous: history of Marroule, chemin des moulins, Bannac, Fontaynous: church and elements of the history of the castle of the abbots of Loc-Dieu (5 km adjustable, allow 3 hours)


All dates and times

Opening hours from July 08 to August 26, 2022
Friday Open
Departure at 10am every Friday in July and August.


Prices Min. Max.
Individual for all ages - Guided tour on the circuit of the dolmens
1 € 1 €


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