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environment, nature 01 may 31 October 2022

Free visit of the Gardens of the River

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12270 Najac

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12270 Najac

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On the occasion of the exhibition "Medieval cuisine" presented at the Maison du Gouverneur, the Jardins de la Rivière invite you for a journey through time...

Come and discover, on the banks of the Aveyron, thehe Gardens of Marie-Lucile and Xavier Breton, two passionate about the land and a more environmentally friendly peasant life. They have recreated, on a principle of permaculture, a market garden orchard based on an agroecological system where vegetable gardens, orchards, flowers and ponds coexist intimately.

During the exhibition, a signposted route will take place in the garden to present the plants consumed in the Middle Ages and some medieval recipes. !

Najac, The Gardens of the River open visit gardens of may at
October Thursdays and Fridays by appointment
au + 06 77 84 11 90

(presentation flyer available at the Governor's House)

All dates and times

Opening hours from May 01 to October 31, 2022
Thursday Open
Friday Open
Free visit of the gardens from May to October on Thursdays and Fridays by appointment on 06 77 84 11 90 (presentation flyer available at the Maison du Gouverneur)


Free admission


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