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25 June 04 September 2022

HEAVY, LIGHT. THE STATES OF THE BODY – Dominique Lacoudre at Atelier Blanc

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Everything is a matter of gravity, breath and matter. The "Lourd Léger" exhibition tells of a body in search of rest, humor, gravity and the fantastic and welcomes Dominique LACOUDRE for a personal exhibition at the Atelier Blanc.

From 25.06 to 04.09.2022, Heavy, light. The states of the bodys presents at the Atelier Blanc and at the Moulin des Arts in St-Rémy works by Philippe Cognée, Erik Dietman, Richard Fauguet, Dominique Lacoudre, Frédérique Loutz, Agathe May, Marlène Mocquet, Emmanuel Pereire, Françoise Pétrovitch and Loredana Sperini.

Benoît Decron, chief curator of heritage and director of the Soulages museum, Rodez EPCC, has, in all friendship, curated this very beautiful summer exhibition, with the complicity of the artists, the Papillon Gallery, the Galerie Semiose, Frac Auvergne and Frac Pays de la Loire.

"The body in all its states is a fundamental given of contemporary creation: painting, drawing, printmaking, installation, ceramics, videogram... Exteriorized, reified in a way, it deviates from the poignant literalness of the body of the Body Art artist.

The body that we guess, that we cross, which imposes itself, which falls, which flies away, which spreads, which we divide... Everything is a matter of gravity, breath and matter . Lourd Léger tells of a body in search of rest, humor, seriousness and the fantastic. Classical art bequeathed us a corpus of metamorphoses and daydreams.

This exhibition very freely offers works by artists from different universes: for all that, the body is for them a form of theater or vehicle (in the sense of a passage). Like the voice (the sound) for the poet Gherasim Luca who raised above all his "mouth theater". Lazy unconsciousness or panting consciousness of the body, everything is left to our sensory greed." Benoît Decron, curator



Meeting with Dominique Lacoudre in the exhibition

Thursday 21.07 at 18 p.m. at L'Atelier Blanc

Guided visits. FREE ENTRANCE

Fridays 29.07 and 19.08 and Saturday 03.09 at 17 p.m. at L'Atelier Blanc

Children's workshops from 7 to 11 years old. 5 euros per child

Fridays 29.07 and 26.08 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at L'Atelier Blanc

All dates and times

Opening hours from June 25 to September 04, 2022
Thursday Open
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From Thursday to Sunday from 14 p.m. to 19 p.m. FREE ENTRANCE


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