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09 April 27 April 2024

L’envers des images, exposition à la Manufacture

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12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue


Place Bernard Lhez
12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue

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Come and travel to the heart of images from the Middle Ages to the present day!

From the Middle Ages to the present day, images are omnipresent, on religious monuments, public buildings or civil residences. Sculpted or painted, they reflect society's representation of the world OR the social status of the sponsor. From a simple ornamental motif to the transmission of a divine message, the exhibition reviews the numerous engraved or painted representations of the territory.

Of the 9 27 2024 April


  • Heritage

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Opening hours from April 09 to April 27, 2024
Tuesday Open
Friday Open
Opening hours from April 09 to April 27, 2024
Wednesday Open
Thursday Open
Saturday Open
10 a.m.-12 p.m. 14 p.m.-18 p.m.

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