L'échappée Musicale d'Octave

Friday June 14
Meet at the Festival Hall 12200 Savignac
Come and take part in the Octave association’s Musical Escape!

June 14: departure from the village hall at 19 p.m.

A walk in the village: a place = a concert/show with its snack.

On the program for the festivities: Fleurs Sauvages, Céline Mistral, Chop Suey, Slim Paul, Letras Persas, Mrg Moussaka.

Reservation until 10/06/2024

Adults: concert + snack (aperitif + quiche + pasta salad/free-range pork sausage + pie + coffee) = 14€

Child: concert + snack = €6


  • Hiking

All dates and times

Opening hours on June 14, 2024
19 h


Individual adult – With snack
14 €-
Individual child – With snack
6 €-

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MEETING Festival hall
12200 Savignac
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