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Le Travail, c’est la Santé ! Farce (?)

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12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue


Quai de la Sénéchaussée
12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue

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Intentions for a satirical farce… - Compagnie du Désordre

Intentions for a satirical farce…

In this period when precariousness is raging and when many rulers, here and there, are looking into the overhaul of the world of work, “Work is health! resounds like a joke on this strange world that has become ruthless...

It is above all a comedy. A tragic comedy perhaps, where we sometimes laugh out loud as the subject is so topical...

The show questions the world of work through power, hierarchy, the dominant/dominated relationship, decision-maker/executor, man/woman...

Succeeding should undoubtedly - and above all - mean thriving, shouldn't it?

In this period of globalization and ultra-liberalism, in our Western societies, it is not only the world of work that has changed, but also "its" language...

A satirical creation, between reality and fiction, which clearly asks the question: Can we really integrate and flourish today in the world of work? Can we even survive it? A must see comedy!


Text and direction: Filip Forgeau

With: Cécile Flahaut, Soizic Gourvil and Filip Forgeau

Soundscape: Lionel Haug

Lighting: Michaël Vigier

Rate B: All public

Show replacing "Artemisia Gentileschi" originally planned.

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Opening hours on May 13, 2023
Saturday Open
to 20h45


Prices Min. Max.
Individual all public - Parterre
20 € -
Individual all public - Balcony & Group
14 € -
Individual all public - Reduced (unemployed, RSA beneficiaries, students, under 26, MDPH beneficiaries)
8 € -

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