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01 April 06 November 2022

Medieval cuisine: temporary exhibition at the Governor's House

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12270 Najac

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1 castle street
12270 Najac

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By inviting us to the table of the Middle Ages, the exhibition takes us into a sensory and symbolic universe with a thousand flavors...

By inviting us to the table of the Middle Ages, the exhibition takes us into a sensory and symbolic universe with a thousand flavors… At the table of the lords, the service is a real spectacle that takes place according to a highly codified ritual. Banquets entertained by musicians, jugglers and acrobats are all opportunities for householders to show off their wealth and good taste. The dishes are colorful, disguised and sometimes staged. Peacock, swan or heron, with beaks and legs gilded with fine gold served covered with their feathers and the outstretched wings seem to come back to life.

Among the most humble, the vast majority of the population, the table gives way to modest breads, cereal porridges, vegetables and pulses.

Preparation of meals, utensils and furniture, the difference between the kitchen of the rustic and that of the lord is also very marked. Cooking is done mainly in the fireplace. In bourgeois houses and castles, it is installed in a kitchen separate from the room where you eat. While the poorest are content with an open hearth on the floor which is used for cooking but also for heating and lighting.

The medieval taste is very different from our current taste: in the Middle Ages, we ate light, sour and spicy. Stemming from a booming international trade, spices from the Orient are rare and expensive products that arouse the imagination. It is this universe that the exhibition invites you to discover through a rich iconography and various educational tools that will allow you to "set the table" and challenge your sense of smell...

Free entry for the temporary exhibition. For the permanent exhibition: €4, reduced price €2,50, free for children under 12 and residents of Najac.

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Temporary exhibition from April 1 to November 6, 2022 * May-June: daily from 10 am-12 pm and 30 pm-14 pm * July to September 17: daily from 19 am-10 pm and 13 pm-14 pm (except July 18 and 7) * September 11 to November 20: every day from 6 a.m. to 10:12 p.m. and from 30 p.m. to 14 p.m. (except September 17, November 19 and 1)


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