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18 September 24 September 2023


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12270 Najac


12270 Najac

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The Anpo Wichahpi Association (Morning Star) presents the programming at Gîte Du Vent D'Autan

FROM SEPTEMBER 18 at 9:30 a.m. TO SEPTEMBER 24 at 18 p.m.

(the course end time may change depending on the airline's last minute changes)

Arrival at the place of the internship on September 17.                   

Accommodation on Saturday evening from 23 and breakfast from 24 is included.

Led by Lewis MEHL-MADRONA, doctor-psychiatrist & Barbara MAINGUY, art therapist (Coming especially from the United States - translation provided)

'Beyond learning; we will build a circle to create a collective energy, drawing on indigenous concepts. We will forge friendships and experience the healing power of community. We will explore the fact that energy gains power when we interact. In this environment; we will say goodbye to our old stories and welcome the new 'Lewis and Barbara                                   

This course will help us find our own healing path and discover the healer within us. We will live exceptional experiences of encounter with Lakota and Cherokee cultures and spiritualities. We will welcome the powerful equinox energies to work on our inner transformation.

- Driven by the unconditional listening, humor and experience of Lewis and Barbara, we will gain confidence in our own voice and our creative potential thanks to the talking circle, life stories, traditional tales, singing, dancing, drumming, rituals, ceremony and energy healing. We will discover the healing role of stories, put our fingers to our parasitic inner voices and invent playful scenarios to replace our obsolete narratives of failure.

- We will become familiar with the Native American concepts of balance and health and discover the points of contact with recent discoveries in neuroscience and epigenetics. We will experience the ceremony to approach the world of spirits together and become aware of the permanent interactions between psyche, body, health and spirituality.

During the week, there will be a day dedicated to the inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony, a ritual central to many northern Native American cultures. We will honor the memory of our ancestors and express our wishes for well-being, with the aim of freeing ourselves from the painful experiences of the past. (Participants may derive as much benefit from helping to keep the fire going outside the hut as from going inside.)

- Who is the course for? Anyone interested in stories and well-being. It is not necessary to have participated in other courses beforehand.

Find out more about Lewis Mehl Madrona and Barbara Mainguy;

His mixed heritage led Lewis to build his original medical practice as a bridge between worlds; that of allopathic medicine, with extensive training in emergency medicine, psychiatrist, geriatrics and family medicine; and that of traditional healing (learning from healers from several cultures, mainly Lakota and Cherokee.) Barbara Mainguy and art therapist and social worker. She co-wrote the latest book with Lewis Mehl-Madrona: Remapping Your Mind. (2015), Bear & Company editions.

Lewis is the author of 7 books, 2 of which have been translated into French:

Narrative Medicine (2008) Trédaniel editions.

These stories that heal, the wisdom of Coyote (2007) Trédanie editions

For more details see:

INIPI CEREMONY (Lakota sweat lodge): The ceremony is not included in the course price.

*Offerings will be accepted The gîte being isolated, please plan ahead for your bank withdrawals.

FULL BOARD FORMULA : 650 € You will be accommodated on site either in the gite, or in a mobile home or a chalet at the campsite.    

By motorhome or van  : 600€ If you have your own camping car or van, you will be able to sleep at the campsite for a reduced price. (Duty to notify me)

INTERNSHIP FORMULA for people who live nearby: €470

This rate is reserved exclusively for participants who wish to return to sleep at home. Dinner on Sunday September 17 and course lunches are included.

Meal ; the simple and tasty cuisine will be provided on site based on fresh, local and organic products.


Please contact me so that I can send you the registration form. Please return it to me completed and signed with a deposit check for €250. The first 30 people will be registered in chronological order, date of postmark.

- Deposit checks will be cashed upon receipt.  


The balance of the internship will be payable by check by July 8, 2023 to reimburse Lewis and Barbara for the plane tickets. The deposit will not be refunded for any cancellation after July 8 without medical reason.


Please check that your personal insurance policy covers the risks of accident and illness. The organization team cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident or illness occurring during the course.

For any other information, please contact Sharon Evans:


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