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31 March 2023

Concert à l’Hors-Loge avec La Cour

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11 rue de la Loge, 12270 Najac


11 Rue de la Loge
12270 Najac

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La Cour is a duo bringing together Claire Grupallo and Faustine Seilman (also a member of the group Bacchantes).

Choosing to free themselves from the shackles, decompartmentalising styles, rearranging certain pieces, the two women sometimes perform lyrical pieces, sometimes traditional and popular songs, alternating piano, harmonium and percussion to support their two voices.

The staging, both elegant and offbeat, and their casual interludes, add a touch of humor to the requirement imposed by the choice of their repertoire.

Through this atypical set, La Cour seduces us and takes us on a journey between voluptuousness and smiles.

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