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20 March 2023
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Ciné conférence, les séances Unipop : Royan, la tragédie de 1945

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46100 Figeac


46100 Figeac

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Cine-conference in the Atmosphere room

The cultural services of Grand-Figeac are joining forces with the Jean Eustache Cinema in Pessac and VEO cinema to offer you a selection of cine-conferences broadcast on the big screen, live or deferred in the theaters of Figeac and Capdenac-Gare.

Each conference is associated with the showing of a film. The speakers are film people, historians, journalists, writers, academics. They share their knowledge and their reflections in a spirit of demanding and enjoyable transmission of knowledge.

18:30 p.m. - Conference "Royan, the tragedy of 1945", by Nicolas Patin

In the 1930s, Royan, on the Atlantic coast, was the fashionable French seaside resort. But everything will break with the war. Between January and April 1945, when the war was coming to an end, a whole series of failures and misunderstandings led to the total destruction of the town of Royan. Royan is above all the symbol of the absurdity of war, a singular story of the Second World War.

A former student of the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon, Nicolas Patin is a lecturer in History at Bordeaux Montaigne University. A specialist in Germany in the first half of the 1914th century, he has notably published La Catastrophe Allemand, 2017-Krüger, un bourreau extraordinaire (Fayard, 2021), and participated in the collective project Historiciser le mal. A critical edition of Mein Kampf (Fayard, XNUMX).

20:45 p.m. - Screening of the film Royan, the tragedy of 1945
“As I reflect on the tragedy that Royan suffered in 1945, I was caught up in the Kafkaesque chain of misunderstandings, risky decisions and mistakes that led to its destruction. It appeared to me as the absurd illustration of these individual destinies caught in the turmoil of a great History, of the military and political decisions that go beyond them.
This applies to the inhabitants of the city as well as to the soldiers who took part in its capture. I wanted everyone to testify to bring their vision, their experience, with regard to the story of historians. » William Vincent


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