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30 September 10 December 2023

CHRYSALIDES, Lionel Sabatté, exposition à l’Atelier Blanc

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12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue


Chemin de la rive droite
12200 Villefranche-de-Rouergue

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L’Atelier Blanc is delighted to welcome Lionel Sabatté and to explore time with him. Letting himself be guided by the energy of matter and defying time past, present or future, he presents paintings, sculptures, drawings and oxidations.

Navigating between sculpture, painting and drawing, the works of Lionel Sabatté emerge from particular and incongruous materials, even repulsive, to offer a universe which questions the living, the notion of cycle but also our system of values. For several years, the artist has begun a process of collecting materials which carry within them the trace of an experience: dust, ash, coal, dead skin, tree stumps... These elements are combined in unexpected ways and the works thus created carry within them both a delicacy but also a “disturbing strangeness”. The sphere of life as well as the transformations of matter due to the passage of time are at the heart of his work. The art of Lionel Sabatté, in perpetual mutation, reflects deeply on our human condition and our relationship to long, cyclical time. Are his dust sculptures, of which we do not know if they will resist time, or his faces drawn in dust on ark paper, surviving souls from a prehistoric time or ephemeral fragments of a foreseen future?

Opening in the presence of the artist
Friday 29.09 at 18 a.m.
[ at L'Atelier Blanc, chemin de la rive droite 12200 Villefranche de R. ]

Guided visits. FREE ENTRANCE
Saturdays 07.10, 21.10, 25.11 & 09.12.2023 at 16 p.m.
Family creative workshop. 5 euros per child. by reservation on 06 23 77 72 79 - Inspired by the work of Lionel Sabatté, come and try a painting technique with surprising ingredients....
Saturdays 14.10, 18.11 & 02.12.2023 from 16 p.m. to 17:30 p.m.

FREE ENTRANCE. Exhibition until 10.12.2023.

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