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20 April 21 April 2024

Chantier-Ecole “Mini Charpente Philibert de l’Orme”

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12260 Villeneuve


12260 Villeneuve

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Construction site supervised by a professional carpenter.

Learn while doing! Creation of a small technical roof P. De l'Orme with chestnut shingle covering, using old techniques.

Low cost contribution.

Reservation required
Contact: Arthur 07 86 63 37 09

A la Mixeuse, RD 248 12260 Villeneuve-Gare

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Opening hours from April 20 to April 21, 2024
Saturday Open
Sunday Open
Opening hours from April 29 to May 04, 2024
Monday Open
Tuesday Open
Wednesday Open
Thursday Open
Friday Open
Saturday Open

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