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06 October 2022

Senior health workshops at La Capelle-Balaguier

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12260 La Capelle-Balaguier

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12260 La Capelle-Balaguier

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Well-being and vitality program to preserve your health!

Our health and vitality greatly depend on our well-being. The practice of gentle physical activity combined with the use of plants, are the recipe for preserving our health and our vitality. The Mutualité Française Occitanie offers you, as part of the conference of funders, a cycle of 6 friendly workshops to discover plants and their daily uses as well as gentle physical activities beneficial to health.


1 workshop
Environmental health walk
Discovery of plants. Become aware of the wealth offered by our environment. What plants are found? Are they edible, used for therapeutic purposes, or poisonous?

2 workshop
Well-being, relaxation and physical activity
Soft physical activities, choose the one that suits you best. Why do physical activity? What are the recommendations? Relax through relaxation and breathing exercises.

3 workshop
Plants, a well-being asset
Plants, their virtues and their uses in our daily lives.

4 workshop
Discovery of Qi-Gong, an energetic art
Strengthen vitality by discovering Qi-Gong. Work on your strength, flexibility and balance. Loosen the joints and strengthen the muscles while preventing the risk of falls.

5 workshop
Well-being, naturally
Take care of yourself by using plants. Discovery of herbal recipes, depending on flowering and linked to health. Learn how to make “wellness” balms, macerates or syrups to take care of yourself.

6 workshop
Discovery of Taï-Chi, an invitation to relaxation
Develop flexibility, coordination and balance through Taï-Chi. Energize the body and strengthen the muscles while relaxing. Reinforce your vitality and your health capital.

Documentation offered

Free upon registration (for you and your loved ones within the limit of available places) at + 05 31 48 11 55 (9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 14 p.m. to 18 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and until 16 p.m. on Friday)

Precise LOCATION communicated during registration

All dates and times

Opening hours on October 06, 2022
Thursday Open
from 14AM to 16PM
Opening hours on October 13, 2022
Thursday Open
from 14AM to 16PM
Opening hours on October 20, 2022
Thursday Open
from 14AM to 16PM
Opening hours on October 27, 2022
Thursday Open
from 14AM to 16PM




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