Atelier – Les blessures émotionelles de l'enfance.

Wednesday June 12
9 avenue de la gare 12270 Najac
For adults, with or without children. Hosted by Jade Arestan, therapist, teacher, author.

10 a.m.-12 p.m., as part of the Wednesday Talk and alongside children's activities.

Hosted by Jade Arestan, therapist, teacher, author.

FREE (or free participation for association charges)

Introduce us to understanding childhood emotional wounds (ours and those of our children).

Observe the traces that these experiences leave in our emotional reactions but also in our connection to others, our relationship with time, our physical body, our illnesses, etc.

Discover concrete healing paths to move forward in peace alongside these feelings.

“These transmissions are based on the work of Bourbeau but also and above all that of Reich, Janssen, d'Angeli, Pierrakos & Brooks, Lowen and Chevillon, the quintessence of which I will deliver to you. »

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Opening hours on June 12, 2024
10h - 12h



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9 station avenue
12270 Najac
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