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Le Bas-Ségala



12200 Le Bas-Ségala

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About Us

It's Pétrolettes for hire, ride your two wheels and set off to discover the country of a hundred valleys. At the rhythm of the mob 'revisit your memories of youth and enjoy a moment of freedom.

We discovered the pleasure of riding a moped during a trip to southern Corsica

Ideal rhythm, feeling of freedom, memory of youth, the moped proved to be an original and really very pleasant way to discover a region.

We then had the idea of ​​retyping petrolettes taken out of barns and offering them for hire.

If the idea of ​​riding a 103, an MBK, a Bleue... makes you want to, then dare to push the door of our workshop and you too can set off on an adventure to discover western Aveyron!

If you have not driven for a long time or if you have never driven a mob', we will give you a little training before departure as well as a reminder of the safety rules.

A rental includes: a moped, a pair of gloves, a helmet, a charlotte, panniers, a full tank of gas.

If you wish, a map with a "theme" route can be offered on paper or in digital format.

Because a moped can sometimes be capricious, we provide repairs with replacement of the moped if necessary.

We speak French



  • For all

Sports activities

  • Historic vehicle rental


Individual adult
(Half-day: 4h/€40 Full-day: 9h/€70 For weekends or stays, tailor-made rates.)

Payment method

  • Cash
  • Cheque

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